After our first trip to Rwanda in November 2018, we returned in January 2019 to support 2 schools and their most vulnerable children on their return to the school term.


During our last trip to the village of Nsunzu in the province of Musambe, we provided 125 primary and preschool children with clothes, bags and basics (i.e. soap, toothbrush etc).

Based on household surveys, approximately 19 million primary-age children and 7 million lower secondary-age children in the Eastern and Southern African region were out-of-school, which represents approximately one out of five children. Due to poverty, many families in the region struggle to pay the costs of education. 


Our aim is to support the most vulnerable kids during their back to school preparations.


In the village of Bubaji, we assisted the community by providing 782 primary and secondary school children with school materials. These items included notebooks, pens, pencils and more

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