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Momentum Foundation


had been launched by a group of global citizens compelled to help those in need and provide a better future for all. 


We believe that access to education and and women empowerment are the agents of change. 

We also truly believe that one simple action can make an lasting impact.

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Shera Lesueur

HR leader, mother, wife and friend.

A passionate advocate for inclusion,women and education.​ I believe that everyone should be given opportunities. Education is in my view a human right, the first step on the path of Empowerment.​

Gloria Hedfords

Every child counts. I believe education and knowledge should be basics for every child, no matter where they are born or from. We can take action, we don’t need to wait for others to solve problems. We are all accountable​

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Hanene Ben Smail

I believe that education is the root of any economical and political development, knowledge is power and its the key to the future.


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Douglas Azar

I believe that helping others is part of one duty in this world. The more you give the more you receive so join us and let’s make a difference​


We Need Your Support Today!

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